JMU Accounting Alumni Networking

First annual JMU Accounting Alumni Networking Event

On May 8, 2019, SpectrumCareers partnered with the JMU accounting department to host a networking event to reconnect fellow accounting graduates, help grow their professional networks and provide information on resources available to thrive in their careers.

We were thrilled to have the following JMU accounting professors join us for the event: 

Dr. Michael Riordan, KPMG Eminent Professor of Accounting

Dr. Nancy Nichols, Journal of Accounting Education Research Professor

Dr. Luis Betancourt, BDO Faculty Scholar

Dr. John Briggs

Dr. Sandra Cereola, DHG Faculty Scholar

Dr. Paul Copley, RSM Professor

Dr. David Fordham, PB Mares Faculty Scholar

Dr. Alexander Gabbin, KPMG Professorship

Dr. David Hayes, Deloitte Faculty Scholar

Dr. Brad Roof, Hantzmon Weibel Faculty Scholar

Dr. Robert Richardson, Calibre Faculty Scholar

Dr. Irana Scott, RFC Faculty Scholar

Dr. Diane Riordan, Retired Grant Thornton Faculty Scholar

Additional event hosts:

Danielle Jones

Jeff Ozolins

Neal Beggan

Nick Dulo

Christian Walter

Becca Altmeyer

Kevin Kelly

Gary Ryan

Laura Garrett

Matthew Bayly

Doug Sweeney

Misha Moylan

Jennifer O'Loughlin

Jake Ruppert

Pete Ragone

Sue Keith

Michael Rafeedie

Jessica Harris