The 3rd Annual GovCon Summit was held on Thursday, October 17th at the Boro Tower in McLean. This annual event enables industry leaders and executives to stay plugged in to the constantly evolving and shifting landscape of government contracting and recognize the leading Mid-Atlantic government contractors.

During two panel discussions, industry leaders covered the state of M&A and the key value drivers and strategies to keep in mind during the current M&A market as well as how to navigate trends and challenges for the remainder of 2019 and in the future.

 Additionally, we recognized the leading Mid-Atlantic government contractors who are making an impact, being innovative in the market, experiencing rapid growth, and have dedicated a significant amount of resources in support of our military. RecognizeDC hosted an award ceremony during the networking reception to honor the 2019 winners. 

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Company Honorees - Impactful Award

Government contractor that has made significant contributions to the government contracting industry through mentoring, business partnerships, philanthropy, advocacy and dedication to its core mission. 


  • AnaVation
  • MBA CSi
  • Navstar Inc.
  • Axiom Resource Management Inc.

Company Honorees - Innovative Award

 Government contractor that is consistently being innovative in the market. 


  • Idemia
  • Ridgeline International
  • Apogee Research
  • Perfecta
  • Steampunk

Company Honorees - Visionary Award

 Government contractor that is impacting the market and growing rapidly. 


  • Seventh Sense Consulting LLC
  • LAC Group Federal
  • NetImpact Strategies
  • Centauri
  • Octo Consulting
  • Government CIO

Company Honorees - Military Award

 Government Contractor who are truly dedicated to supporting the military effort. 


  • STS International, Inc.
  • NNData
  • Axiologic Solutions
  • American Technology Solutions International Corporation (ATSI)
  • Alvarez LLC

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